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Pentesting AI

Focus on building, we do the rest. No calls, no emails,
just making sure you're secure.


Everyone should be able to check their apps security without having to pay tens of thousands.


Aiko takes 5 minutes to get started with.
Do it once and forget.


For a startup constantly innovating, speed is key. A report taking weeks to arrive would be useless for you. Aiko ensures your report is delivered in hours.

Blackbox Testing

Aiko's goal is to find vulnerabilities without access to any of your code.

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How It Works

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Do I need to give any source code?

No. Aiko only needs a website and an account if you don't have a public sign up.

Is this for enterprises as well?

Aiko is still in its early research phase. I'd love to offer it for both startups and larger enterprises, but it may not be fully equipped to handle the intricate demands of larger enterprise applications out of the box. Please contact me for more information!

Does Aiko work for smart contracts?

No, but we can recommend zellic.io if you're looking for the highest audits quality!

Can I use it for my clients instead of myself?

Yes! You can contact me at to talk more about it.

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